Step Into Education

STEP INTO EDUCATION - Short Videos for IOM and Help Without Frontiers

Thailand, 2018
Script, Camera, Editing and Sound by Sappalot Productions.

"I am happy to study. If I were like other children in my community, I would have to collect garbage and do hard work outside."

Ya Ya Kha and Thi Dar Aye are 14 years old and study in Maesot, Thailand. They are part of the two-year Step Into Education project, implemented by Help Without Frontiers in partnership with IOM Thailand. Ya Ya Kha and Thi Dar are two of 150 students from marginalised Muslim communities who are now enrolled in Thai government schools through this project.

Step into Education has been implemented and funded to provide access to education to all migrant Myanmar Muslim children and out of school children (OOSC) in and around the Mae Sot, Mae Ramat, and Pho Pra districts. 

Rohingya and Myanmar migrant Muslim children are one of the most vulnerable children in the migrant areas. They often struggle to get access to education because of their legal and financial status and because of their distance to schools (many live in remote places with limited access to transportation) which means many of these children drop out from school, foregoing their education to work in agricultural fields or collecting plastic bottles.

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